Friday, September 13, 2013

A tour of the Overstrand Care Centre

Welcome to my workplace!  Please allow me to show you around.

Here we are in front if the care centre.  Step inside!

You'll be greeted by our admin team, aka the Boss Ladies.  You can catch a glimpse of Julie, the manager of the whole centre.  Be nice to her - she's in charge!

Across from the boss ladies is a nice sunny area where our more mobile patients can eat their meals.  Sometimes we have meetings out here because it's one of the warmest spots in the center!

Walk through the glass doors and you'll be in our waiting area.  We'll give you a comfy seat while you wait for one of our staff to assist you.

Continue on past the waiting area, and you'll see a door on your right.  That's where we store things like extra supplies and old patient charts.  That's also where our social worker, Desiree, has her office.

Keep going down the hall and you'll see this room on your right.  This is the nurses' station, and it's basically Martin's and my office.  Notice the big gray file cabinet.  A few weeks ago I took an entire afternoon organizing the contents of this cabinet.  As my mother will happily tell you, I am NOT an organizer, so if it was bad enough for me to need to organize it, you can rest assured that it really needed cleaning out!  Martin is a very skilled and compassionate nurse, but organization is not his strong suit.  He's such a guy.

Just past our office is the staff lounge.  This is where carers can take a break and eat their meals.

Further down the hall are the patient wards.  We have two large patient wards with six beds and a bathroom in each.  This is the men's ward.  The ladies' ward is just the same, except it has green and pink bedspreads instead of blue and brown.  We also have two smaller wards with two beds each, which are used for patients with highly contagious diseases like TB or for patients who require extra privacy for any reason.

Here is a picture of what is arguably the most important room in the care centre:  the kitchen!  Maria is one of our cooks, and clearly she's enjoying her job right now!

Out the back door, we have a nice fenced back yard.  Our staff provides for all the needs of our patients while they are at the centre, including their laundry.  You're likely to find laundry drying on the line pretty much any time of day.  And yes, the tan building on the left just behind the fence is my house!  You can see that I have a very easy commute to work.  It's about 10 steps!

Also in our back yard is a lovely vegetable garden.  I have no idea how they got it to grow so well in the soil here, which is essentially just sand.  I can't get stuff to grow that well in my backyard in Virginia!  And remember, I took this picture in the middle of winter!  Just imagine this place in the summer!

And here is Sheralene, one of our carers.  She took time out of her busy day to say hi!

Thanks for coming to work with me today!  I hope your enjoyed your tour.

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