What is YASC?

YASC stands for the Young Adult Service Corps.  It is a program run through the Mission Personnel Office of the United States Episcopal Church.  Every year, YASC sends 10-20 young adults all over the world to complete a variety of assignments, like teaching English, working with microfinance organizations, supporting the communications for a local outreach charity, or working in a healthcare setting.  For more information, please see episcopalchruch.org/yasc

Where are you stationed this year?

See I bless the rains down in Africa and Recap of my first week in Hawston

Where are you working?

See A tour of the Overstrand Care Centre

Where are the other YASCers stationed, and what are their jobs like?

See Meet the team! and the blog roll on the side of my main page

Did you get any sort of training for this program?

See What happens at missionary orientation? and Orientation Recap, Part 2

You're a missionary?  So what, you're like, converting people and stuff?

No!  That's not what I'm doing at all!  See Take off your shoes

What DO you do there?

See A day in Hawston and Exciting Times at the Overstrand Care Centre

How did you pack for an entire year?

See Travel light

Don't you ever wonder if it's all worth it?

See The Opposite of Faith

Didn't you go to Lesotho for a while?  What was that like?

See Lesotho Photos and Can these bones yet live?

What is the food like in South Africa?

See nom nom nom

If you have any more questions, leave a comment!  I'll get back to you.

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