A million thanks to the individuals and organizations who are supporting my mission!  It means so much to me to have their support, not only financially, but I also know they're behind me 100% emotionally.  Thank you!

St. John's Episcopal Church
Denice and David Ekey
The Rev. Stuart Schadt
The Revs. Ray & Laura Inscoe
Kimberly Glenn
Grace & Holy Trinity, Richmond
Dennis & Cindy Pryor
Carol Thomas
St. Paul's, Alexandria
The Diocese of Virginia
Shauna and Adam Smith
Don and Phyllis Barnett
Paul and Martha Broughton
Victoria Childress
Martin Davis
Steven and Barb Geiger
Kim Glenn
Margaret Gouldin
St. Peter's Parish, New Kent
Penny Cannon Hodge
Kathryn Klein
William Martin and Patty Tobler
Abby Schuhart
Tim and Donna Smith
Carol Thomas
Dotsi Turner
Lisa Hendrick
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Schutt
Emily West
Joseph Carr
Fred and Leslie Klein
Patty Soileau
Colin Rafferty and Elizabeth Wade
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wood
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Koontz

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  1. We are thinking about you Keri! Love all the photos (and, of course the one of the kitty...any dogs there? :)...Stay safe...XXOO...Denice and David